Perfect Horchata Recipe

Round up rice, cinnamon sticks, and vanilla to kickstart your horchata adventure.

Gather Your Goodies:

Wash that rice until the water runs clear, ensuring a clean canvas for your masterpiece.

Rinse and Repeat:

Let the rice and cinnamon sticks soak overnight for a flavor-packed foundation.

Soak and Savor:

Blend soaked rice and cinnamon sticks with water until smooth – the gateway to velvety horchata!

Blitz it Beautifully:

Use a fine mesh sieve or cheesecloth to strain out the liquid, leaving behind the grainy bits.

Strain the Spectacle:

Sweeten the deal with condensed milk or sweetened condensed milk for a touch of creamy sweetness.

Sweet Symphony:

Introduce vanilla extract for that perfect hint of warmth and depth.

Splash of Vanilla:

Let your horchata chill in the fridge; the flavors mingle and create a refreshing fiesta in every sip.

Chill and Thrill:

Serve over ice cubes for an instant cool-down – an essential touch for horchata perfection.

Ice, Ice, Baby:

Dust the top with ground cinnamon before serving, because presentation is key to the ultimate horchata experience!

Cinnamon Sprinkle Finale: