10 Steps Delicious Baklava Recipe

Begin by assembling your ingredients: phyllo dough, nuts (typically a mixture of pistachios, walnuts, or almonds), sugar, butter, and spices like cinnamon and cloves.

Thaw the phyllo dough according to package instructions, ensuring it's at room temperature before you start assembling your baklava.

Preheat your oven to 350°F (175°C) and prepare a baking dish by greasing it generously with melted butter.

Grind your choice of nuts coarsely and mix them with sugar and spices to create a flavorful filling for your baklava layers.

Lay out one sheet of phyllo dough in the baking dish and brush it generously with melted butter. Repeat this process, layering multiple sheets of phyllo, and buttering each layer.

After laying several sheets, evenly spread a layer of the nut mixture over the phyllo dough.

Continue layering phyllo and butter between each layer until you've used about half of the phyllo dough.

Spread another layer of the nut mixture over the phyllo layers, ensuring it's evenly distributed.

Continue layering the remaining phyllo dough on top, buttering each layer as before, until all the dough is used.

Before baking, use a sharp knife to gently score the top layers of phyllo into diamond or square shapes.